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Tax Preparation Services

I prepare and e-file state and federal tax returns and stand behind my work to ensure accuracy and satisfaction. There are no surprises about your income tax return preparation fee. I will tell you exactly what the fee will be, based on the complexity of your return. I am available throughout the year to help you. 

Tax Resolution Services

IRS Audit Representation
Did the IRS contact you for any reason, and you need help to handle it? Call 314-328-5210
| Audits | Collection Issues
| Employment Tax | Penalties|

Tax Collection Alternatives
Solutions for owing back taxes
| Collection Due Process| Equivalent Hearing |
Installment Agreement | Offer-In-Compromise|

Are you due a refund? You may not be liable for tax attributable only to your spouse.
| Refund Claims | Innocent Spouse Claims|

Tax Dispute Resolution Alternatives
You have options when you disagree with the IRS
| Conference with the auditor's manager
| Fast Track Settlement |
Independent Hearing before the Office of Appeals | Post - Appeals Mediation |

Tax Advisor Bio

Hi, thanks for dropping in. I am DeShawn King. I own White Crown Accountant, LLC, located in St. Louis, Missouri. When you decide to work with me, you will learn that I simplify complicated processes. I do not like to stress and guess. I practice accounting, too, specifically cost accounting. This area of accounting focuses on financial and strategic management. You will be hiring a well-rounded thinker to your team. In my hometown of Buffalo, New York, I earned my master’s degree in organizational leadership, bachelor’s degree in economics and finance, and associate degree in business administration. I am federally licensed as an Enrolled Agent, admitted to practice before the IRS. All of this knowledge works with me every day. I am connected and communicate within nationwide networks of tax and accounting professionals who have also earned their experience. My in-house human resource manager is my dog Eva, who I raised since she was a puppy. She keeps me in line to bring you the best of me. Do contact me. You will become more than a client. You will be a member of my family. 

DeShawn A. King, EA